Float Switches

One of the key components to monitor is the water level. I looked at a bunch of different ways to measure the level of the water, including things that gave variable resistance depending on how far up a fluid reached, ultrasonic solutions, infrared solutions, and many other methods. In all of my searching, I ended up finding someone's post that basically said "there are a bunch of options...but seriously, just use a float switch". So that is what I am doing :)

In my design, I will have 3 float switches:

  1. One at the top to trigger a high water alert
  2. One at the bottom of the normal operating range to indicate water needs added
  3. One at the critical low point, where the pumps don't get water any more.

This will allow me to throw an alarm if the water falls out of normal operating range, and will allow me to cut power to the pumps if the water gets critically low.

Up next

  • This float switch circuit will be finalized on a soldered breadboard
  • Special part has been shipped and will be writing about it next time ;)

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