MS Teams Rant

Written by kellya in misc on 2021-10-05. Tags: rant, technical,


I originally wrote this on 2021-03-11. I have kept this up-to-date with my various gripes and frustrations (and even the few things that have been fixed) as I come across them.


I have used instant messaging programs essentially since the world wide web began. I have used IRC …

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Live on IPFS

Written by kellya in misc on 2021-07-26.

I have been toying with IPFS for quite a while. Typically just hosting decentralized file shares for things that I post to reddit. Today I decided "since I am publishing via pelican, it is already a static site, and could pretty easily be pushed to IPFS. So here's …

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Written by kellya in misc on 2021-06-30. Tags: notetaking,

One of the things I am constantly trying to do better is note taking. I do generally prefer to take notes on paper, but I like the accessiblity of things being digital. I'm also a huge nerd, so end up trying to make digital work. I have tried various things …

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Written by kellya in misc on 2021-06-01. Tags: howido,

For about 7 years, I have managed my dotfiles from my home directory in a github repo and symlinked the files on the system where I wanted to use them. I recently had a catastrophic system upgrade (of my own doing) and had to rebuild a lot of my home …

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How I do mail

Written by kellya in misc on 2021-05-26. Tags: technical, howido,

Email is one of those "necessary evils" in the world. There is pretty much no way around it, though things like Teams tries (and fails because it's a giant POS). Until Teams, Outlook was my most-hated MS creation. I think it is a jumbled mess of crap that complicates email …

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Written by kellya in misc on 2021-03-03. Tags: update, programming,

After playing with the cactus comments a little bit yesterday, I started playing with themes for this site. Since it takes modifying each theme to get the comments to work, I created a little utility to automatically modify pelican themes to use

All of the details are on …

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Commenting System

Written by kellya in comments on 2021-02-20. Tags: update,

Over the weekend I saw an article about Disqus being filled with all kinds of client tracking hooks. I set up Disqus as a comment system for this blog ages ago and never looked back. It seems a lot has cchanged and my goal is to be self-sufficient and not …

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3D Printing!

Written by kellya in 3D Printing on 2021-01-04. Tags: update,

Well another bunch of time has passed since I posted anything here. But I have a new project that I am hoping to share information that I find. My wife got me a 3D printer for Christmas. Specifically the Xvico X3S. Sadly, a part broke within the first couple days …

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