restic_backup script

Posted on 2023-01-17 in misc • 1 min read


After running a basic restic backup script that I randomly found on the internet at some point, I decided to make it a bit of my own. Specifically I wanted to get matrix notifications working, but I also added some error checking and a little bit of lock handling.


I decided to go a slightly different path with this script. I am (of course) strongly against anything Microsoft does, and do not want to host things on Github. The problem of course is that Github is ubiquitous and is hard to avoid. But, with that in mind, and the future of software forge federation potential, I am hosting this on my own Forgejo instance at

The on that instance should have enough to get started. I do plan on writing up some actual documentation at some point, but for now if you want to play with my take on a restic backup script, it's available to try.