How I do mail (Part 2)

Posted on 2023-02-01 in misc • Tagged with technical, howido • 2 min read

Almost a year ago, I had posted that I had been happily using mutt and davmail for all my mail. I was mostly happy with it, but doing calendar appointments with people, getting HTML emails, and too many people sending me screenshots, I ended up going back to Thunderbird.

Another …

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Posted on 2021-07-21 in misc • Tagged with howido • 2 min read

For about 7 years, I have managed my dotfiles from my home directory in a github repo and symlinked the files on the system where I wanted to use them. I recently had a catastrophic system upgrade (of my own doing) and had to rebuild a lot of my home …

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How I do mail

Posted on 2021-07-21 in misc • Tagged with technical, howido • 4 min read

Email is one of those "necessary evils" in the world. There is pretty much no way around it, though things like Teams tries (and fails because it's a giant POS). Until Teams, Outlook was my most-hated MS creation. I think it is a jumbled mess of crap that complicates email …

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