MySQL Multi-source part II

There seems to be a major issue with what I was planning to do using multi-source replication and what the developers seem to expect people to do.  I believe the problem is summed up in “This feature does not do any additional conflict detection and resolution” (

The basic problem is that the expectation is replicated databases will all have different names.  Which would have certainly been the case in previous replication methods because master/slave was one to one and there could only be one master per host.  However multi-source has the implication that there may be overlapping database names.  But thanks to what I believe is encompassed in the above quote, there is no consideration on the slave side to deal with that.

There is a concept of rewriting database names, but that is a global configuration which still won’t work in this scenario.  It would need to support the “for channel=” command, which currently it does not.

So multi-source replication is pretty cool, but doesn’t work for my use case.  At least not at this point.

MySQL Multi-source replication

Following this post ( I was able to get multi-sourced replication working.  And the concept is pretty cool.  The plan was to have a bunch of MySQL instances replicated to a single box for backup and reporting purposes.  The problem is that multi-source replication works basically like regular replication and each table needs to be unique.

The setup I’m working with has multiple instances that are all identical as far as layout goes, only the data is different.

Next step is checking out MariaDB replication.


I have been trying for quite a while to get CrashPlan to work on my Fedora 20 installation.  I’ve searched the internet many times and found suggestions of changing graphics libraries and java settings.  All things that haven’t worked.  Today I found which corrected the issue.

Annoying, but glad it is working now.